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Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need to submit a letter of interest before submitting a proposal to one of the request for proposals listed on the website?
Q: This is my first time submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP). Where do I start?
Q: Where can I find the RFP’s that are open for bid?
Q: Is there a different format to complete RFPs other than PDF? We cannot enter information on the current format.
Q: I am interested in providing services under multiple BPAs. Do I need to submit a separate proposal, or can I indicate the BPAs of interest in a cover letter?
Q: Am I supposed to write how I will provide each service I am submitting a price for as a statement of work along with the pricing?
Q: What if I cannot provide all of the services requested in Section B? For example, I do not have a psychiatrist on staff. Does this make me ineligible to submit a proposal?
Q: If I use a subcontractor, how do I indicate that in the RFP?
Q: Since I am uncertain as to whether I will be awarded the agreement, do I need to have operational space at the time I submit the proposal, or can I enter a lease post award?
Q: Some of the catchment areas list multiple counties or multiple zip codes. Is the offeror required to have a site in each listed area?
Q: Who do I have to include on the Staff Qualification Statement?
Q: When submitting and RFP, do I send you copies of the whole BPA that has been posted along with the completed attachments, or do I just send the attachments?
Q: What do I have to include in the Background Statement?
Q: What is the Department of Labor Wage determination?
Q: Will an IRS Form 1099 now be provided verifying income at the end of an approved year?
Q: Is there a location where we can look at past proposals as an example to make sure we are completing correctly?
Q: Will you be posting Rate Details per Unit for past services?