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Established Drug Testing Policies:

  • A valid sample is required for testing (at least 30 milliliters or 1 ounce). Samples cannot be diluted (“watered down”). Do not consume large amounts of fluids before your test. Ideally, you should avoid fluids for one to two hours prior to providing a sample.
  • If you are unable to provide a valid sample, you must remain in the office until you are able to do so. You may not exit the lobby without permission.  If you cannot provide a valid sample before the office closes, alternative arrangements at an off site vendor may be arranged.  The first test will be considered a stall.
  • Advise the collector of any medications and/or substances you ingested 72 hours preceding the test. Bring any prescription bottles with you, as instructed by your supervision officer. Any new prescriptions and medications must be reported immediately to your supervision officer.
  • While on drug testing, you are prohibited from using any products containing poppy seeds.
  • Although marijuana is currently legal in some states,  marijuana is not legal under federal law. Any use or cultivation of marijuana is a violation of the conditions of supervision.
  • “Spice,” or any other synthetic marijuana, any variation thereof, by whatever name, or other substances such as bath salts, whether legal or not, are intoxicants.  If you have a substance abuse condition which prohibits the use of intoxicants it is a violation of your conditions to consume or possess these substances.
  • If the telephone scheduling system malfunctions and you are unable to get your reporting instructions, you must contact your supervision officer.
  • You cannot report for a UA on a day your color is not called unless instructed by your supervising officer.
  • If for some reason you are unable to take a UA test as scheduled, you must contact your supervising officer immediately.